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Carnival Juice Roll Upz Bundle 2x60ml (120ml) Review:Who doesn’t enjoy going to the carnival. The rides, games, and even the cotton candy and beverages. It’s an experience in and of itself. Now you don’t have to wait for the carnival to arrive in your town to enjoy those classic and nostalgic memories. How? By picking up the Carnival Juice Roll Upz Bundle to vape all year round. This Bundle comes with 2 x 60ml bottles for some awesome cloud chasing carny fun.Choose From:Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy by Carnival Juice Roll Upz 60ml – The sugary treat of blue raspberry cotton candy on a stick in a vape form, provides a sweet and smooth vaping experience all the way through.Berry Lemonade by Carnival Juice Roll Upz 60ml – The sweet taste of assorted berries put into a blender of hand-squeezed lemonade. The long-lasting flavor will awaken your taste buds.If you are searching for some awesome carnival vape treats, Juice Roll Upz has you covered.VG/PG: 70/30Flavor Profile: Cotton Candy, Lemonade