Breakfast Bundle (120ml) Pancake Man & Drippin' Waffles - Breazy

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Breakfast Bundle (120ml) Pancake Man & Drippin' Waffles - Breazy The battle for the breakfast champion is now more real than ever. Two of the best breakfast ejuices ever made face off via this bundle of flavor that pairs waffles versus pancakes. Tell us who you think wins in the reviews. Pancake Man E Liquid - Vape Breakfast Classics What do you get when you make a fresh batch of pancakes and smother them in fresh maple syrup only to go on and top them off with ripe strawberries and dollops of whipped cream? You get Pancake man. Pancake Man brings the breakfast table with you on the go. Enjoy the delicious flavors of morning any place at any time of the day. Primary Flavors: Pancake, Strawberry, Maple Syrup, Whipped Cream Drippin' Waffles E Liquid Tastes like waffles straight out of the toaster! This waffle flavored e liquid will bring you back to the days of mom pouring a piping hot maple syrup over your freshly made waffle. If you find yourself falling in love with your clouds, don't blame us we warned you. Note: this includes a 60ml bottle of Drippin' Waffles e liquid and a 15ml Gorilla unicorn bottle! Primary Flavors: Waffle **This bundle includes one 60ml bottle of each of these products. Nicotine strength cannot be mixed** **Package includes 2 x 60ml bottles**