Best Selling Dessert E Liquid Bundle (300ml)

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Best Selling Dessert E Liquid Bundle (300ml) Do you have a guilty sweet tooth? Does it nag you for desserts, sends you looking through your e-liquids for satisfaction? Look no further, this bundle delivers everything you'll need for the task. From pastries to caramels to chocolates. Indulge yourself in a guilt free experience that delivers not just a bakers best offerings but also a very cloudy experience. Crack Pie E Liquid: A pie pulled straight out of the bakers oven, rich in smells with an instant mouth watering effect. This pie consists of delicious graham cracker pie crust filled with a salted caramelfilling and decorated with a layer of powdered sugar. Primary Flavors: Graham Cracker, Caramel, Salt, Sugar Lemon Tart - Dinner Lady E Liquid: A delicious lemon curd sits atop a meringue flavored crust. A true dessert one would expect to only find at the finest of diners. True to its name you'll experience a Lemon Tart flavor profile. Primary Flavors: Lemon, Pastry, Meringue Cannoli Be One - Cassadaga E Liquid: Are you ready to be the one? Cannoli Be One delivers a perfect replica of the beloved dessert. Indulge within its perfectly layered flavors of cream, pastry, vanilla, and chocolate. Just as tasty as the real thing minus the guilt and the waistline expansion. Primary Flavors: Pastry, Cream, Vanilla, Chocolate Mothers Milk - Suicide Bunny E Liquid: Product Description: You've heard the name, you've heard the folklore. Now enjoy one of the best known eliquids on the planet. This isn't just an ejuice, it's an experience. Primary Flavors: Cream, Strawberry, Milk Breezy Shake - Milkshake E Liquids: Turn your sub ohm tank into the perfect vape with this strawberry milkshake flavored vape juice. Unlike other strawberry based milkshake vape liquids this one does not rely heavily on sweeteners to achieve perfection. The natural flavor of strawberry is provided by a superior flavor extract that is paired with vanilla bean ice cream to create the experience you would get from a diner made milkshake. Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Ice Cream, Milk Bundle Includes: 60ml of Crack Pie E Liquid 60ml of Lemon Tart - Dinner Lady E Liquid 60ml of Cannoli Be One - Cassadaga E Liquid 60ml of Mothers Milk - Suicide Bunny E Liquid 60ml of Breezy Shake - Milkshake E Liquids