Best Selling Breakfast E Liquid Bundle (360ml)

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Best Selling Breakfast E Liquid Bundle (360ml) Breakfast all day long? Now you can truly achieve it. This bundle features the biggest heavyweights in breakfast vape flavors. Trusted brands with a reputation for getting the breakfast experience right. Award winning and a huge fan base that stands firmly behind these products. Welcome to the all day breakfast experience. 120 Cereal Pop - 120 Cereal Pop E Liquid: If you enjoyed the luscious and tasty flavor of 120 Cream Pop then you'll fall head over heels for 120 Cereal Pop E Liquid. A fruity and oats combination of flavor with a punch of milky backdrop that replicates the bottom of a bowl of cereal. Saturday morning can now be any day and any time. Put your spoons in the kitchen and take your love for cereal on the go with a great value in vape. Primary Flavors: Cereal, Fruit, Milk Deluxe Pancake Man - Vape Breakfast Classics: What happens when you turn a pancake on its side and wage a war of flavors against it? You end up with Deluxe Pancake Man a smorgasbord of marshmallows, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped off with fruity cereal flakes. It takes a true vaper to take on this challenge, are you ready for to vape a breakfast classic? Primary Flavors: Pancake, Syrup, Ice Cream, Cereal, Marshmallow French Dude - Vape Breakfast Classics: Dismiss your current all day vape a new one has just arrived in town. French Dude consists of french toast, topped with blueberry, whipped cream and drizzled with maple syrup. Primary Flavors: Whipped Cream, Syrup, French Toast, Blueberry Cannoli Be Breakfast - Cassadaga E Liquid: The cannoli has no officially taken over the breakfast vape category. Cannoli Be Breakfast pairs the rich delicious flavors of a creamy cannoli with a fruity cereal that is very familiar. Together they form a very unique but extraordinary vape juice that would make the biggest sweet tooth cry its joy. Primary Flavors: Cream, Pastry, Fruit, Cereal Churrios - The Milkman E Liquid: The milkman cometh with a treat for your senses. Churros are loved for their cinnamon and sugar based flavor. No longer must you suffer the withdrawal of going without your favorite treat in the whole world. Now you can vape it within the glory of a cloud producing vape juice that never gets old. Churrios by The Milkman delivers a stellar flavor combination that only begs one question. Why haven't you picked this up yet? Primary Flavors: Churros, Sugar, Cinnamon, Milk Bundle Includes: 120ml of 120 Cereal Pop - 120 Cereal Pop E Liquid 60ml of Deluxe Pancake Man - Vape Breakfast Classics 60ml of French Dude - Vape Breakfast Classics 60ml of Cannoli Be Breakfast - Cassadaga E Liquid 60ml of Churrios - The Milkman E Liquid