Ayokay Granny & Razz 60ml

Granny & Razz E Liquid by Ayokay E Juice - 60mlThis consists of sour granny smith apple and raspberry candy blended to vaping perfection. When you take it you surely going to okay, even before you're asked Ayokay?Some say the Taffy man is a man of a few words and an unknown origin. Others say that he’s come down to concoct flavorful e liquids to single-handedly eradicate analog cigarettes as we know it. All we know is that the Taffy Man brings the best candy e liquids. Taffy Man E Liquid brings you four great saltwater taffy flavors that you’ve enjoyed when you were a kid! Enjoy four great tastes including: B1GAPL E Liquid, a sour apple saltwater taffy flavor; GR8PE E Liquid, a grape saltwater taffy flavor; H20BERRY E Liquid, a watermelon strawberry taffy flavor; and finally, TR4BLUE E Liquid, a blueberry saltwater taffy flavor. Brewed in beautiful Southern California, the Taffy Man E Liquid is here to stay with three great candy flavors!SPECIFICATIONSPrimary flavors: Apple, RaspberryBottle size: 60 mLNicotine level: 0, 3, 6mg