ANML Unleashed E Liquid Bundle (240ml)

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ATTN THIS BUNDLE ONLY INCLUDES 4 X 60ml bottlesANML Unleashed E Liquid Bundle (240ml) ANML Unleashed E Liquid Beast 60mlBeast is a decadent and creamy pudding with just the right amount of fresh banana on top. And yes, when we say "fresh banana", we mean it. This is not that weird artificial-tasting flavor you find in banana flavored candy. Give Beast a try and see for yourself. We're sure you'll go bananas for it. ANML Unleashed E Liquid Grizzly 60mlGrizzly brings you chocolate chip cookie in a tall glass of fresh milk. Your sweet tooth can unleash your beast. ANML Unleashed E Liquid Reaver 60mlReaver has a tropical smoothie flavor that combines strawberry, coconut, pineapple in a very thick and loud cream base to round it all together as only we can do it best. ANML Unleashed E Liquid Thrasher 60mlThrasher has a gummy goodness of candy of blend of sweet creams and the finest peaches. Sink yourself into this flavor like the assailant for flavor you are.