Sense Herakles RDA 24mm Black Rose Gold Steel

Sense Herakles 24 RDA The Sense Herakles 24 RDA is the first RDA platform from the beloved Sense's line-up, featuring the customary two-post, dual terminal spacious build deck, dual auxiliary airflow delivery, and a dynamic form factor. Increasing the size to pack in even more features, the Herakles 24 RDA measures 24mm in diameter with quality machining with precision design language that defines the performance delivery of the atomizer. The two-post build deck integrates dual terminals in each post, each with 2mm terminal posts, within an impressive amount of build space to accommodate a larger degree of wire configurations and coil types.The airflow system is extraordinary, implementing dual internal airslots measuring 7mm by 3mm each, resulting in efficient wicking set-up. Fed through an auxiliary dual exterior airflow apparatus with precision control, the Herakles 24mm RDA can be utilized in greater power ranges with a classic adjustable ring to throttle and adjust air channels as needed. The addition of adjustable triple side airslots adds another layer of airflow delivery, providing direct-to-coil effect and can be closed off if desire. The 9mm juice well is deep and holds tremendous wicking and juice capacity, allowing users more range. The included black Delrin widebore drip tip is an additional performance benefit. With a build-centric design with extremely capable design structure, the Herakles 24 RDA by Sense offers an efficient and highly effective platform wroth adding to any collection. Herakles 24 RDA by Sense Features: 24mm Diameter 9.5mm Deep Juice Well Superior Stainless Steel Construction Side Tensioned Two-Post, Dual Terminal Design 2mm Terminal Posts Deckmilled Negative PEEK-Insulated Positive Post Enlarged Terminal Post Holes Single or Dual Configurations Dual Internal Airslots Dual Exterior Airflow Control at Base - 11.5mm by 2mm Each Adjustable Triple Exterior Airslots at Chamber Wall Black Delrin Widebore Competition Cap 510 Drip Tip Adapter Copper-Plated 510 Connection Includes: 1 Herakles 24 RDA 1 510 Drip Tip Adapter 1 Allen Key Spare Parts and O-Rings