Food Fighter E Liquid Bundle (180ml)

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Food Fighter E Liquid Bundle (180ml) One of the greatest deals you will ever vape up, 180ml of some of the most popular eliquids on the planet. Get your taste buds ready settling on which one to vape first will be an epic battle. Crack Pie E Liquid A pie pulled straight out of the bakers oven, rich in smells with an instant mouth watering effect. This pie consists of delicious graham cracker pie crust filled with a salted caramel filling and decorated with a layer of powdered sugar. Primary Flavors: Graham Cracker, Caramel, Salt, Sugar **Package includes 3 x 60ml bottles** Raging Donut Donut iced with delicious strawberry and topped off with droplets of fruity cereal makes this entry by Raging Donut award winning out of the gate, the fruity cereal brings a varying amount of flavors that plays in subtle form with the rest of the blend. Primary Flavors: Donut, Strawberry, Cereal Pound It E Liquid Pound Cake meets the vape. A delicious lemon pound cake flavor with a very sweet icing topper. Pound it brings the same classic buttery flavor of a fresh baked pound cake infused with a touch of lemon. Primary Flavors: Cake, Lemon