Aspire Cleito Coils 5 Pack

Atomizer Head for Aspire CleitoReplacement Coil / Atomizer Head for Aspire CleitoThe Aspire Cleito uses a revolutionary new coil design that frees up even more restriction in the airflow by eliminating the need for a static chimney within the tank itself. The Aspire Cleito uses clapton style coils. This results in an expanded flavor profile and increased vapor production.With an all new atomizer design that replaces the standard chimney similar to a cartomizer allows the atomizer head to deliver maximized airflow and vapor production.Replacement Atomizer head for:Aspire CleitoKanthal must be used in Power (Wattage) Mode: Kanthal - 0.2ohm (Recommended Wattage Range: 55 - 70W) Kanthal - 0.4ohm (Recommended Wattage Range: 40 - 60W) Kanthal - 0.27ohm (Recommended Wattage Range: 40 - 55W) Stainless Steel may be used in Power (Wattage) Mode or Stainless Steel Temperature Control Mode: SS316L - 0.4ohm (Recommended Wattage Range: 55 - 65W) Please note: NOT Compatible with the Aspire Triton, Triton 2.0, Triton Mini, Atlantis, Atlantis 2.0, Atlantis Mega, Nautilus, Nautilus MiniQuick Tip: We find that using a 6mg nicotine level e-Liquid or lower is best with this atomizer. These Sub-ohm Tanks atomizers coils tend to produce greater throat hit than standard resistance atomizers. Using this atomizer with a nicotine levels above 6mg may produce a burnt or harsh taste.Important: These coils are not covered by warranty and cannot be exchanged. Package Contents: 1 x Atomizer head for Aspire Cleito