Smok Omnitester

The Omnitester is a cool new contraption from SmokTech. This gadget enables you to check the resistance of any 510 or eGo-strung atomizer. It additionally enables you to check the yield voltage of your 510 gadget, including Pulse-Width Modulated gadgets, similar to the Zmax and even eGo batteries. You can likewise join an atomizer and a gadget in the meantime to test its voltage under load! The Omnitester has an interior battery, and accompanies a USB to Micro-USB link to charge it. There are a horde of employments for a gadget like this. You can just test your resistance and utilize it as an ohm-meter. You can likewise test the voltage drop of your mechanical mod by appending a mod and an atomizer in the meantime. You can even check the yield voltage of a mod that is set to wattage mode and get brings about continuous, rather than utilizing an Ohm's Law adding machine. In case you're feeling truly cunning, you can even append a gooseneck augmentation or two, and utilize the mod while it sits around your work area, without picking it up! Regardless of whether you're a veteran or a tenderfoot, this is a helpful apparatus that shouldn't be left behind!