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Cool iJoy18650 Battery Safety for Vapes Do’s and Don’ts Vaping has turned into a prevalent alternative for some smokers and recently the demand has proceeded onward from the standard eGo electronic cigarettes with batteries, to the box mod. These kinds of electronic cigarettes however as a rule utilize a different removable battery known as the 18650. Regardless of whether you have a poor produced 18650 battery or a costly alternative, to vape securely you have to see how to legitimately utilize your e-cigarette to stay away from mishaps that could hurt you and your gadget Are 18650 Batteries Safe? All batteries weren't made similarly and ought to be dealt with that way. 18650 batteries require the user to be aware and learned, yet once you know how to utilize and handle the batteries they are very safe. This will likely keep you safe and show you the correct method to utilize your batteries. Since, the more well-informed we are, the more secure vaping will be. Will my e-cigarette explode? Not until you ensure that your gadget and batteries are protected. There are a couple of approaches to guarantee 18650 battery safeties. 1. Do not carry 18650 batteries in your pocket. 2. Do not use a damaged battery. 3. Match battery types together. 4. Do not leave charging batteries unattended. 5. Do not leave batteries in extreme temperatures. 6. Never store batteries with metal. 7. Safely dispose of your batteries.